• July 24, 2016

7 Ways To Have The Best Week Ever

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Sometimes work, stress and all the things that life throws at you can get in the way and turn your week into something you just want to be over. So i like to do a few things to ensure my week is pretty darn great!

Tackle The To-Do List

Okay we’ll start with the hardest one. That bloody to-do list! The day before you’re going to start this ‘best week ever’ write a list of all the things you need to tackle, and all the things that are bothering you and deal with them on day 1! (if possible) Even if it’s something horrendous like getting through your inbox or writing a report get it over and done with! By clearing your list, you’ll clear your mind and i promise it will make your week even better!

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Read a new book/blog/magazine

Books aren’t really my thing, personally, but i spend hours trawling the internet for new blogs and inspiration. It’s the BEST way to spark some creativity (as i lack it at the best of times)

Have a pamper evening

In my opinion there’s no better thing to do than pamper yourself! Put on that hair mask (coconut oil is my fave) paint on that nail polish and nourish your skin with your favourite products. Feeling great on the outside definitely helps with feeling great on the inside!

Enjoy a meal out/In

Who doesn’t love treating themselves with food? (i know i do it far too often). So ring your best friend or someone you love spending time with and organise yourselves a delicious meal! Maybe even arrange it for mid week so you have something to look forward to!? 😉

Ring/See a family member

The sad truth is, most of us don’t spend enough time with the people that matter most. Get your head out of your phone and make plans to ring or see a family member! Not only will it put you in a great mood, but i don’t doubt it will make their week, too!

Watch your favourite movie

Oh hello Bridget! Tucking up in bed with my favourite movie after a busy day working is  honestly one of my favourite things to do. Completely un wind relax and forget about all the crap/stress that may be happening in your life! Bliss.

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Make some plans

Granted, whenever i have exciting plans at the weekend, Monday to Friday feels like it lasts forever. But at least there’s something to look forward to, and memories to be made! Whether it’s a night out with the girls, a shopping trip or even a workout – make some plans you know are going to put you in the best-mood-ever!!

What things do you like to do to make sure you have a fab week? xxx


  1. Great post – I’m going try and make sure that I do everything on this list this week, starting today with a Lush bath, a fresh mani and a girlie film!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

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