• November 16, 2015

How To Clear Up Acne In 3 Weeks

how to clear up acne

how to clear up acne

how to clear up acne

I’ve never spoke about suffering with bad skin to anyone other than my family or doctor before. It’s something i have been conscious about since the age of 12, and something that never seemed to go away. I also never felt like my skin was ‘bad enough’ to speak openly about it when i know there are people out there who suffer much worse than myself. I just felt like i was whinging.

After trying (and failing with) multiple prescriptions from the doctor and leading a healthy clean eating lifestyle i thought there was no hope. Even after being with my boyfriend for over a year and a half i still wouldn’t let him see me without makeup on, i still wouldn’t go out the house without a full face of foundation and i certainly didn’t feel confident in my own skin.

At the age of 21 i really thought 9 years of suffering with acne was enough. So before i went back to the doctor for the 65789th time last month i thought i’d do some more research. Apparently my skin was not ‘severe’ enough for Roaccutane, and quite honestly the side effects put me off. But i read that using hibiscrub is a great way to clear up acne. It seemed bizarre as i only thought hibiscrub was for disinfecting nurses hands in hospitals and for clearing up sweet itch on horses (you horse owners will know where I’m coming from with that one) so it didn’t seem right that i could use it on my face. It’s strong, and can even make you blind if it gets in your eyes so i was a little dubious. However, i just thought why not give it a try? It cost me £5.98 for a 500ml bottle from here and i started using it morning and night. I remove all my makeup and then apply a small amount of the pink liquid onto face and massage into a white foam using my Magnitone brush for a few minutes before rinsing off. Obviously avoiding my ears and eyes as id rather not go blind.

After 4 weeks of use my skin is almost clear. All the acne around my chin has completely gone and i only have a few pimples left. I think using the magnitone brush has really helped speed up the process too. There are slower and stronger settings, however i found the slower setting was ideal. My skin is quite sensitive, so the soft bristles and gentle exfoliation removed the dead skin cells allowing the hibiscrub to work it’s magic. If you like a stronger exfoliation the faster setting will work well, too.

Hibiscrub essentially kills all the bacteria on your face, which is what causes acne in the first place. It is recommended that you don’t use moisturiser or any other face products after use too, as this will prohibit the anti bacterial action. But despite not using moisturiser as frequently the hibiscrub has not dried out my skin.

So if you’re looking for a potential acne clearer or preventer i cannot reccomend hibscrub enough, and if used with a brush like a magnitone you should see great results. The two have worked perfectly in hand on my skin, and i really wish i had discovered it sooner!

Can i also just add that you should never let anyone make you feel stupid for worrying about your skin. The amount of times the doctor said ‘your skin isn’t even that bad!’ or my family said ‘i don’t know why you wear makeup all the time!’ is beyond countable. When in reality none of them had ever had the experience of waking up each morning worrying about what will face them in the mirror, or even the pain you physically feel with acne. If you haven’t experienced bad skin yourself you really don’t know the emotional effects it has, and the extents some of us may go to to clear it can even be dangerous. Hibiscrub has worked for me, but i can’t promise it will work for you (i’d be wrong to get your hopes up) however do some research like i did, and give it a go! It’s harmless if used in the right way and take a look at Magnitone brushes too, they’re totally worth the small investment!

*please note this post is in no way sponsored. I just wanted to share what has worked for me* 🙂


  1. Thank you for this blogpost :). I was really curious about what Hifiscrub can do for acne.

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