• November 4, 2016

The Best Ways To Treat Yourself This Winter

ways to treat yourself in winter

For over 2 weeks now it’s been impossible to go outside without getting wrapped up in 89020 layers. Even just walking into the gym requires my thickest knitwear. The nights have also now drawn in, and we’re burdened with darkness post 5pm. But winter isn’t all that bad. There’s Instagram-worthy frosty mornings (I reckon they’ll be here next week), Christmas coffee cups, pumpkin spice latts, snuggles by the fire, christmas markets, weekends away, and many excuses to treat yourself.

During winter i have a few ways i like to treat myself, and make the bitterly cold weather a bit more bearable.

ways to treat yourself in winter
ways to treat yourself in winter

Plan a winter break

There’s nothing better than having something to look forward to, which is why i love to make plans. For the last few years my boyfriend and I have taken a trip to London around Christmas to see shows, explore winter wonderland (much to his dismay) and get in some last minute shopping. Even if it’s just a night away, a spa weekend or a week abroad skiing, it’s always worth saving up for a trip in winter to get a much needed break.

Update Your Makeup Collection

Okay, girls. I know we don’t need any excuse to buy new makeup, but winter is the perfect time to head into somewhere like Debenhams and splash out on all things pretty. I recently splurged on the Clarins bronzing and blush compact as well as a Dior Addict ultra gloss. The gloss is super moisturising with an impressive amount of pigmentation, making it a perfect lip product for winter. You should see the colour range too 😍. As for the bronzer, it was a recommendation by my friend Victoria (you can take a look at her blog here) and I absolutely loveĀ it. I often find bronzers look too orange on my skin tone due to being as white as casper the ghost, but this one is such a lovely natural shade and will keep me looking glowing through the cold months.

ways to treat yourself in winter

Hot Chocolates By The Fire

We can have hot chocolates any time of year, but there’s nothing cosier in winter than putting on your fluffy socks and indulging in a creamy hot chocolate (with all the toppings, of course) by the fire with a movie.

hot chocolate

Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Why not change things up with your beauty routine this winter? The cold weather can damage and chap your skin, so a rich moisturiser will certainly be appreciated (I love the Clarins hydra quench). Ensure you also have a fresh lip balm for those chilly days and treat yourself to some intense face masks whilst you relax in the bath.

What ways do you like to treat yourself? I’d love to know xox


  1. Loved this post and the pictures in it!
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