• January 16, 2016

Makeup You Can Actually Wear To The Gym

gym makeup

gym makeup

Some people wear a full face of makeup to the gym, some people wear none at all. It really doesn’t matter, and people shouldn’t judge. Seriously, just do what ya want! If i’m working out really early the likelihood is i’ve just rolled out of bed, look like Chewbacca and the last thing i have time for is makeup. Other days, i’ll be gymming after work, so of course, i have a full face on from the day. It doesn’t mean i’ve ‘dolled’ myself up to workout. Despite everything, wearing false lashes and excessive contour probably isn’t the best idea. Not because you don’t look lovely, but because sweat will make everything run. Who wants eyelashes hanging off and their mac bronzer dribbling down their face? No one.

So, if you’re one of those gals that wear no makeup to the gym and have no interest in doing so this post probably isn’t for you. But if you do want to know some products that you CAN wear to the gym, or want to know how to stop your face literally melting off then keep on reading….

Base: Whether you’re working out or not it’s important to ensure your face is clean and hydrated. If you’re prone to breakouts i would use an oil free moisturiser. Go for something light and water based. Always wash your face post-workout too to get rid of sweat and unblock your pores.

Foundation: Again, using a light-medium coverage oil free foundation is the best idea. It’s less likely to slide off your face and will also not block up your sweaty pores with oil during a workout. A great alternative to foundation is a tinted moisturiser. It’s essentially a 2-in-1. Coverage with hydration – perfect!

Powder: Smothering your face in powder really isn’t the best solution. Instead, cover lightly your T-zone to eliminate shine and prevent your foundation sliding around.

Bronze/Blush: For a slight flush of colour lightly dust a blusher or bronzer on your cheeks. Be steady with the blush though as working out will also made you flushed and red cheeked!

Eyeliner: If you want to wear eyeliner, go for a waterproof one. This will prevent those sweaty panda eyes and not make you panic if you wipe your eyes mid-workout.

Mascara: Again, it’s best to go for a waterproof version. Most mascara brands have a waterproof alternative, so you can still use your favourite mascara (just one that won’t dribble down your face).

Lips: Red lips are a kinda no no at the gym (sorry). Again, mainly because it’s just asking for makeup smeared all over your face. Ideally, use a lip balm to ensure your lips and soft and moisturised. But if you would like a little colour, use a tinted lip balm or moisturising lipstick (i love MAC Syrup – moisturises and adds a natural colour).

Setting: Using an oil free setting spray is a great way to add extra protection to your makeup whilst working out. They also hydrate your skin and will allow you to cool down quicker post-workout.

I hope these tips have helped you! See my fave products below xox

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