• October 14, 2015

My New Favourite Eye Makeup

me me me cosmetics

me me me cosmetics

Let me start by saying I am in no way a makeup artist, nor a beauty blogger, nor a makeup expert in any way. But, i’m starting to recognise the good brands from the bad, the ridiculously overpriced from the far too cheap and finally figuring out which products actually work on my skin. (if you saw this post here, you’ll know i’ve only just found the right foundation at the age of 21 – god darnit). Can i also just say that my eyeliner doesn’t look awesome everyday, i often make myself blind by stabbing my eye with the mascara wand, my brows enjoy being really bloody bushy, and my eye shadow blending probably isn’t as on-point as it should be, but lets not judge, eh 😉

Typically, i’ve always gone for high-end makeup products, mainly because i always assumed the higher price meant a lower chance of irritating my problematic skin, and my mum introduced me to the joys of duty free on our holidays (thanks, Kate). But i’m starting to get out of that ridiculous frame of mind and am enjoying trying more affordable makeup brands, and my bank balance is also making me scream in horror less.

mememe cosmetics

I was recently introduced to the brand that is MeMeMe Cosmetics thanks to the lovely lot at Etail PR. They’re an affordable boutique brand, and none of the products are tested on animals. I was kindly sent 3 products to try:

Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer –This is like a felt tip pen (no other way to describe it) eyeliner and is super easy to use. It’s not runny, glides on smoothly, and the thin tip allows for some awesome cat-eye-flick action! It also dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the ink transferring to the top of your eye lid – as that’s not the look we want.
Dark & Divine Mascara –Trust me when i say this is the best-mascara-ever. I’m not even joking. I’ve used so many mascaras, even the YSL shocking (which is awesome) but nothing has ever some close to this one! My best friend tried it recently, and is now begging me to order her one, and she knows everything makeup, so i trust that this mascara cannot be missed!  The wand is sturdy, and defines every lash without clumping. It also lasts all day without drying up or fading like some mascaras tend to do. For just £9 (you can use the code JIDYME3 for 20% off too – thank me later) it’s really worth a try! And if you don’t like it i’ll eat my hat. Honestly.
Arch Angel Brows – For any bushy brow owners like myself i cannot recommend this product enough. The formula is creamy, but dries instantly, and as its so pigmented you don’t need to use a brow powder underneath (in my opinion). It also has a brow highlighter on the other end, so it’s essentially a 2-in-1, and now a total must have in my makeup bag! My brows stay tame all day, and this product gives them a natural, but filled in look.

Have you tried any of MeMeMe Cosmetics products yet? I can’t recommend them enough, and their products are seriously my new favourite eye makeup! Oh, and remember to use the code JIDYME3 for a sneaky 20% off if you fancy trying some of their items! 😉 xox


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