• January 12, 2016

8 Steps To Joining The Best Gym In 2016

join gym 2

join gym 2

The New Year sparks many new gym memberships. But make sure it’s one you can actually make the most of! See the checklist below to ensure you’ll absolutely love your gym!

Is it close to home or work – The most awesome gym may be in reach. But if it’s a distance that may put you off travelling, it’s probably not worth it. Make sure the gym you choose is as close as possible, with easy access. If you’re a driver, knowing you can park is something you need to look into!

Is it financially viable – If you only plan on using the gym once a week it probably isn’t worth the membership (depending on what gym chain you’re considering). Also be careful of contracts. If you do think you’ll be using it almost daily, but then for some reason don’t, you’ll still be tied into the contract that you’ll have to pay. Gyms you can leave any time are usually a good option.

Is it busy at times i will be using it – There’s nothing worse than a rammed gym full of sweaty people and queues for equipment. Do research, and even book a gym tour at a time you think you’ll be using the gym (i.e before or after work). If you won’t be able to use equipment at times you’re free it may not be worth it.

Do current members have positive things to say – Just by searching the social media channels of gyms you will be able to see any positive or negative feedback. The current members are the ones who know the gym better than anyone, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them on social media.

Are the staff friendly – When you go for a tour or induction make sure you chat to the staff. The staff are the ones that create the atmosphere, so make sure it’s a friendly welcoming one.

Is there a good variety of classes – Be sure to research and ask about classes. How often are they? How many usually attend? Do you have to pay extra? What types are there? Make sure there is something suited to you.

Is there enough equipment – If the gym is busy, is there enough equipment for you to still be able to work out? Don’t go paying for something you can’t even use. Twitter is a great place to check complaints from gym users if you fancy a look!

Is it well maintained – A dirty, smelly, sweaty gym is massive no go. You’ll be able to tell even from first impressions whether or not the gym is well looked after. is there sweat marks on equipment? Are machines out of order? Just make sure you check.

I hope these tips have helped you. If you’ve got any questions about joining the right gym feel free to ask in the comments or drop me a tweet! xox

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