• August 17, 2015

3 Lifestyle Changes That Helped Me Lose Weight

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One of the main things i’ve learned about weight loss, is that it only requires some simple changes, but those changes are really darn hard. For me it was anyway. Your ‘lifestyle’ has to do a complete 360, and you need some serious will power and determination to make it happen.

Initially, i set out on 3 key changes. I felt it was important to ease myself into the lifetstyle change, rather than throwing myself in and giving up at the first hurdle. My diet was pretty horrendous. Due to my job at the time i was snacking, eating fast meals and drinking far too much alcohol (i was enjoying the party life), so these were the first changes i made, rather than exercise. It was pointless working out 5 times a week if i wasn’t fuelling my body with the things it needed. So…

1. Cut out dense carbs (breads, potatoes, rice and pasta) *swapped for sweet potato, cous cous and occasionally rye bread*
2. Cut out/down on alcohol and drink minimum 2 litres of water a day. (This was the hardest due to the social life i was leading. But it's so worth it!)
3. No sweets, biscuits or cakes (but i allowed myself 1 'cheat meal' a week, where i would eat whatever i wanted)

They sound tough i know, but honestly, don’t expect to lose some fat if you’re only fuelling your body with crap. Even now i have ‘bad days’ and sometimes resisting the cake just can’t happen. But if treats become a one off rather than the norm you will soon see the difference. And it is so important to treat yourself, too. Total restriction will just cause you to fail. It’s all about moderation!

I have now lost over 2 stone (with more factors than those above), but i will share my entire weight loss story in another post.

I hope these points help! If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box, or tweet me. xox

*please note: I am not a trained nutritionist, these are just things i did, that worked for me, and i am simply only advising you.*

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  1. really like this and it is sooo true 🙂

    1. Awww i’m glad! Isn’t it! As simple as it may sound.. haha. x

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