• December 30, 2015

How To Actually Stick To Your Fitness Resolution

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Sticking to your fitness resolution can be really darn difficult. In fact, only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. There’s always so many things that get in the way, so i’ve given you my best tips to staying on track!

1. Be Realistic

The first way you can fail is if you set goals that are completely unrealistic. Take into account your schedule, your diet and your overall goals. Setting your self small goals, step by step is the best way! Obviously we all think working out everyday and never eating chocolate again is the answer, but you’re just setting yourself up for destruction and failure.

2. Plan Ahead

Don’t just spontaneously decide New Years day that you’re going to get fit in 2016 due to the guilt of what you ate over christmas (don’t worry, we all did that!). Do your research, think about why you want to get fit and healthy and put together a plan. If you don’t actually get started until February it’s not the end of the world. Just make sure it’s a plan that WILL work for you. (I’ll be doing a post next week on making a fitness plan – so watch this space!).

3. Chat About It

Don’t keep your Fitness Resolution a secret. Make sure you tell your friends and family your goals and i promise they will support you! It’s even better if you have a friend or family member that has the same resolution, as you can help each other through those times when you just want to watch netflix and eat cake instead of going to your spinning class.

4. Reward Yourself

I’m really sorry, but this doesn’t mean a week long pizza binge (god dammit). But i do mean you should treat yourself when you reach goals or get over an obstacle in your fitness journey. Whether that means a pizza night with the girls, a new gym outfit or indulging in some cake. Don’t feel guilty about it, you deserve to be rewarded!

5. Track Your Progress

This is one thing i wish i did more of. As terrifying as it may be, take a ‘before’ photo, track what you’re eating and note down all your weight/inch loss achievements. Days when you’re feeling really bloomin’ crap, your log of your progress will help you become your own motivation! (as cliché as that may sound).

6. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The odd slip up is natural. Life sometimes gets in the way, and going to the gym and eating clean just ain’t gonna happen.  All your hard work makes up for the bad days, just make sure it’s 1 bad day not 10.

7. Stick to It

You’ve all heard by now that if you stick to something for 21 days it becomes a habit. Give yourself 21 days, and the likelihood is it will start to feel natural. I hadn’t eaten bread for a year and i didn’t even notice. The first few weeks are the hardest, but make ‘healthy’ your lifestyle and you’ll start to love it.

8. Don’t Give Up

Going back to the ‘not beating yourself up’ point. If you do find you have 10 bad days and lose all your progress, please DO NOT GIVE UP! I tried and failed so many times to get fitter, but the one thing that got me to where i am is not giving up. There will always be a long way to go, and you will always compare yourself, but the fact you’re trying means you’re already 10 steps ahead of the person sat on the couch.

I hope these have helped! I’d love to know how you get on! xox

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