• December 31, 2015

The ‘Healthiest’ Drinks On A Night Out

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the healthiest drinks on a night out

New Years Eve Is Here – Ahhh! So you’re probably having a party-alcohol-not getting in until 5am kinda night (unless you don’t drink – then i’m jeal!) I know a lot of you have getting fit as your new years resolution, so i figured we should get started early! Yes, alcohol isn’t good for you, but most of us do it. Especially at special times of year! So i’ve done some research and given you 5 of the healthiest drinks on a night out, that not only taste great, but won’t have tooooo much effect on your previous hard work, or hard work to come!

BACARDI & COKE – A single bacardi & diet coke is only 57 calories! A definite contender for tonight, and nights to come!

COSMOPOLITAN – If they’re good enough for Carrie (Sex & the city fans will know her) they’re good enough for me. At just 99 calories for a traditional one, i’ll be ordering these!

SINGLE VODKA & SLIM LINE TONIC – At just 50 calories and less fattening than an orange juice, i’ll be having these with my breakfast too… okay, i’m joking. But still…

PROSECCO – We always thought this deliciously bubbly drink was a serious weight gainer. But at just 80 calories per flute of standard prosecco i’m feeling slightly less guilty about all the celebratory bottles i’ve drank.

BLOODY MARY – A cocktail that is delicious, 1 of your 5 a day and only 90 calories? Hand one over please.

Can i add ladies, i’m in no way promoting alcohol drinking! It really isn’t good for you (god dammit) but we all indulge, have treats and need to live a little. I’m simply showing you ways you can still enjoy a little party life without the morning after guilt. Enjoy…

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