• November 18, 2015

How I Grew My Instagram Following To Over 17,000

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I feel a bit funny writing this post because i am in no way bragging, telling you what you should be doing or making people think that the ‘followers numbers’ matter – because they don’t. But a lot of people have asked how i’ve grown my instagram account (@thefashionablyfit) so quickly and as my ‘how i edit my instagram pictures’ post went down so well i figured there’s no reason i shouldn’t write this post.

Let me start by saying that 17,000 instagram followers still seems like a cray cray amount to me. Most posts get over 700 likes and sometimes i do wonder why so many people are interested in my life, ‘coz i’m really not that interesting. Seriously. I know there’s people out there with hundreds of thousands of followers, but a few months ago i didn’t even think reaching 10,000 followers was a possibility. But woe behold, here i am with an amazing bunch of followers! I can’t pin it down to 1 factor, but below i’ve written a few points that i am adamant helped grow my Instagram account so quickly!

A Theme – I know, i know – you’re sick of hearing it. But honestly, the way your account looks is the first thing that attracts people. If it looks messy they won’t even bother looking at your photos’. So whether all your photos’ have a border (see my post here on how to do that) the colours are all similarly toned, you post a quote every 5 pictures, your photos are all monochrome … just find something you like that links all your photos and creates a connection with your account. Make sure your bio is tidy and clear, too!

Tag Brands – You all know by now that you can tag brands in your photos. If you’re posting an outfit or any kind of photo that relates to a brand be sure to tag them! This increases the chance of your photos being ‘regrammed’ and your posts being viewed by thousands of new people. I can honestly say this has helped grow my account hugely! I make sure i tag a brand (obviously only where relevant) and any re-posts brings lots of lovely new people to my account.

Regular Activity – You can’t expect to get noticed if you follow 3 people, ‘like’ no photos and ignore any comments. If you really do want to grow your account the easiest way is to ‘like’ relevant photos (you can search them all by hashtags that you use), comment on other people’s posts and follow the accounts you are interested in. Also don’t disappear for weeks on end because dats’ really darn annoying. 😉

Don’t Compare Yourself – With so many amazing bloggers out there with so many amazing posts, such amazing quality photos, insane brand collaborations, huge amounts of followers …god the list goes on … but it really can be hard not to compare yourself and get incredibly jealous. But the best thing is to do your own thing. Copying someone else or envying someone else will only hold you back. So just be you! (dammit that sounded so cheesy…)

High Quality Photo’s – Great quality inspiring photos is what gets people coming back, as well as noticing your photos on the ‘explore posts’  page which in turn will get more people to your page and more followers! iPhone cameras are pretty good, and if you use the ‘square’ setting your images are already the required size for instagram. Cameras like the Olympus Pen are also perfect as you can send the images from the camera straight to your phone via wifi – cool, right?. See my post here for tips on creating great photos!

Don’t Just Share Your Own Photos – Sharing photos from your favourite accounts is a definite YES! (Just make sure you credit the photos) this increases your chances of being seen, and also encourages your followers to share your content, too! Sharing’s caring, right?

I hope these tips have helped some of you! 🙂 You can check out my instagram page here if you fancy – (oh heya self promotion)! xxx

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