• June 16, 2016

5 Easy Ways To Organise Your Life Once & For All

how to organise your life once and for all

The only reason i’m talking about organisation is not because i’m an expert on it, but actually because i’m pretty darn crap. I’m the kind of person that will do things last minute, forget about things that need doing and spend my life in a permanent panic because writing a to-do list, is well, not on my ‘to-do’ list.

However, having just moved out, I’ve realised it’s time to make a few changes to sort my mess out once and for all. From money & work to fitness & food, i’ve found a few things that are helping me gain a little more sanity, rather than live in permanent chaos.

Financial spreadsheets

Honestly, i hate spreadsheets. They frustrate me so much at work, but moving out has meant i’ve got to be organised with my finances (the words of mother i would like to add). I can’t be spending too much on food and handbags when there’s rent and bills to pay. So I now have a spreadsheet that monitors my earnings, outgoings, savings (ISA’s) & what’s left over for me to spend on clothes, nights out and Starbucks. (if you want to see an example of my spreadsheet let me know – but it really isn’t that fascinating).

Get up on time 

I used to be one of those people that would hit snooze 10 times, wake up 5 minutes before they need to leave the door, eat no breakfast, and arrive at work late. I spent life in a permanent rush just for the sake of 30 more minutes in bed. It really isn’t worth it. So now i’ve made a conscious effort to workout in the morning before work, or get up in time for an hour to prep for my day.

Schedule tidy up time

Don’t let mess build up. Whether that’s in your home, car or work place! What i do now is take 30 minutes per week to put away my clothes, wash up the used tea cups in my room (i am so bad for leaving them) and do general tidying.

Don’t leave things to the last minute 

A bill comes through, i’ll leave it to the final day; a client needs something by Friday, i’ll leave it until Friday; i get an email, i don’t reply straight away … you get the picture … leaving things right up until the last minute not only stresses you out, but also means you may not do things at your best. If you get a bill, pay it. If you get an email, reply. If someone at work needs something and you have the time there and then – bloomin’ do it! Or you’ll find yourself on a Friday afternoon with a mile high to-do list (mentally, because you’re not organised enough to actually write one – obvs) stress levels through the roof, and people whinging at you when you just want to drink a bottle of wine and cuddle your cat.

Workout routines/plans 

I’ve talked about this one here before, but writing a workout plan is so important to not only reach your goals, but also stay organised. It’s no good stepping into the gym with only half an hour to spare, and no idea what you’re going to do. The amount of times i would just stare at people and the equipment is ridiculous. Once i wrote my routine, i knew what day, for how long and what exercises i would be doing! It made such a difference giving my workouts purpose and made me fit my day around working out.

To-Do lists 

So sorry for giving you completely unoriginal information, but if you’re like me – a person that knew i needed to write a to-do list but never actually did – then this point is for you. I’ve finally learnt the art of writing down everything i need to do in the day, and feeling complete satisfaction when i turn my laptop off at the end of the day knowing it’s all done. I’ve even started to write shopping lists so i don’t come home from Lidl without my avocados.

I still haven’t got into the art of using a calendar, nor am i great at filing my bills and document, but making a few simple changes like the ones above are really starting to help me enjoy life a little more. I always thought making lists and tidying up was a waste of time. But it’s crazy how much more you start to love your free time when you’re not panicking about everything you need to have done by tomorrow!

Do you have any organisational tips? xxx

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