• September 16, 2015

Pandora Tiara Ring

pandora tiara ring

pandora tiara ring

With clothes, i’m a massive hoarder/impulse buyer. I don’t purchase many ‘statement’ items – even though i wish i did – and often only wear things once or twice. However, when it comes to jewellery, i honestly don’t own that much. Don’t get me wrong, i love ‘fashion’ jewellery, and it’s an affordable way to fit in with the trends. But i’m more of a ‘to last a lifetime’ jewellery buying kinda gal. So yeah, i spend my money wisely on it and i can guarantee i wear most of my items on a daily basis.

I recently received this stunning Pandora Tiara Ring from The Jewel Hut. It’s such a pretty, girly item that i can see myself wearing over and over again. Being made of silver, it won’t be going that horrendous green colour like most ‘cheap jewellery either – Hoorah! and i think it will be perfect for days where wearing just one ring isn’t enough and i want to stack them up.

pandora tiara

Although this ring isn’t ‘cheap’ it’s an affordable investment piece (ya know what i mean) and would make a lovely gift for someone special, or even yourself – Who doesnt love some retail therapy anyway?

pandora tiara ring

The Jewel Hut have many other pandora rings on offer too if this one isn’t quite to your taste. Be sure to check them out here! And let me know if you have a Pandora ring, too! xox


  1. I love Pandora jewellery so much. I have a charm bracelet from there and one of the charms would match your ring so well. It’s gorgeous!
    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. So do i! Ooooh you’ll have to get one then, perfect excuse if it matches! 😉 xox

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