• April 13, 2016

These Could Be The Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight



There’s nothing more disheartening than trying really hard at something, but still not succeeding. Usually, you just need to assess your ‘strategy’ and figure out what’s going wrong. If you’re putting in 110% effort, but not getting the results, clearly there’s changes to be made. When it comes to weightloss there’s hundreds of factors that come into play, and every body is different. However, there’s a few mistakes people often make (myself included) that you can easily alter to start seeing those results you’ve wanted for so long.

Lack of H20

You may be thinking surely the amount of water i drink doesn’t stop me losing weight? Well gals, you’re wrong. You need to drink, drink drink. Ideally 2 litres per day. I make sure i always have a bottle of water with me, and fill it up as soon as it’s empty. Water keeps you hydrated & energised so you put your all into your workouts! Never mind the fact it’s amazing for your skin and will keep you looking pweddyyyy.

Not Enough Beauty Sleep

Firstly, you need your beauty sleep to keep those horrendous eye bags at bay, but you also need it to allow your body to recover, and most importantly, rest. Lack of sleep can also slow your metabolism, meaning you won’t burn fat as fast, and thus not lose weight as quickly as you would like.

Too Little Or Too Many Carbs

I bet you’ve thought that cutting out carbs will make you lose weight at some point before? Truth is, it does. But in the short term, and you can suffer some awful side effects if you continue it for a long period of time. Too little carbs can cause dizziness, lack of energy and even constipation. On the other spectrum, too many carbs causes bloat, weight gain, a lack of energy and doesn’t allow your body to burn fat for energy because you’re feeding it so much. The aim of the game is balance. Eat healthy carbs like sweet potato, fruit & whole grain pastas/rice. Stay away from the pizza & cake as much as possible to, and don’t cut out carbs completely!

Lack Of Change

Keep doing the same things, keep getting the same results – we all know this. But i guarantee a lot of you will go to the gym and do the same thing. I’m not saying what you’re doing isn’t great, but switch things up a bit every couple of weeks. Whether that’s increasing the speed on your HIIT treadmill workouts, or doing different exercises, changes shock your body and make them burn fat! Make sure you stick to a clean diet (with the odd cheat meal because we all need pizza in our lives) and you’ll see results!

So gals, you need to make sure you drink enough water, not be silly and completely cut out carbs, get your beauty sleep (and have many pamper evenings) and try new exercises like these in the gym! Let me know if you have any other tricks xxx


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