• February 13, 2016

9 Tricks To Becoming A Morning Exerciser



Getting up in the morning is never going to be the greatest, and especially not when you have to workout, make breakfast, get ready and get to work on time. In fact, i bet most of you hit the snooze button and have a manic morning. We’ve all been there. Like every day.

Mornings have never been my strong point. You can ask my boyfriend and family. I’m literally godzilla/mega bitch until i get my first cup of tea down me. And even then i’m not the happiest. So last year when i started a full time, crazy long houred kinda job, i had to figure out a way to still get my workouts in, because there was no way i wanted to when i finished work at 7pm. Bed & food were priorities. Obvs.

My boyfriend suggested going to the gym before work. I was like ‘HAH, ya joking?….’. It was honestly the last thing i wanted to do. But after a week or so of considering the idea, i realised that whether i get up at 6am or 7:30am i was still going to be a miserable cow. So i may as well get a workout in and get it over and done with.

Granted, there were still a few days where i completely sacked off the gym, and stayed in bed until the last second possible. But my routine started to improve, and i was early-morning-gymming at least 3 times per week. My family didn’t believe me, and probably still don’t. But i loved it. Yep, i loved it.

My work situation has since changed, so i don’t need to get up so early every day. But for the 6 months that i did, i learnt a few tricks that made my mornings bearable, and my workouts more than just napping on the stretching mats. Take a look at them and give them a go:

Put your phone on the other side of the room 

This one seems cruel, but it works. Realistically you can’t sleep with your alarm constantly going off, so put it across the side of the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Just promise me you won’t crawl back under the duvet again? …

Have your workout clothes out and ready

Sounds so simple, but getting up and not having to rummage for your workout clothes, or tip out the laundry basket makes the whole thing so much less stressful. Leave everything out and ready, so you can just get changed and head off.

Turn on a light as soon as you wake up

 if the room is still dark there’s a 99% chance you’ll fall back asleep and hit the snooze button 10 times. So turn on your bed side lamp before you do anything, and wake yourself up.

Pay for a class

Whenever we know we’ve payed for something, we’re much more likely to make the most of it. As lovely as sleep is, there’s no point wasting money to get 30 more minutes snuggled up, right?

Start changing your bedtime

As i’ve got older i have definitely appreciated going to sleep. I used to scream and shout about it when i was little, but now i’m just like pleaaaaaaase get me to bed! Even at 3pm some days…. But gradually bringing my bed time earlier has certainly helped getting up in the mornings. if i’m in bed anywhere after 10:30 there’s no way i’m getting up for the gym though. So i make sure to get a good night sleep.

Share your goals and plans on social media

sharing your goals, meals, workouts, struggles and accomplishments on social media is the perfect way to gain support and motivate yourself. you’ll be surprised by how many people are in the same position as you.

Get yourself a gym buddy

having someone to whinge about mornings to makes things all the easier. You understand each other, but also encourage each other. Ask a friend if they’ll get fit with you, i guarantee you’ll miss less workouts.

Prepare a breakfast 

Not having to rush around like a loony making breakfast in the morning is a massive bonus. Plus it also means you won’t grab something unhealthy instead. Prepping breakfasts the night before is the ideal solution. It’s ready for the second you wake up, or even packed up ready to take with you. Over night oats and granola are my favourite breakfasts to prep.

Create a workout plan

Having something to stick to will really help motivate you in the mornings. You’ve done your leg workout & HIIT workout for the week, so there ain’t no hellllll’in way you’re going to screw up the hard work for a lie in, right? Right.  If you’re not sure how to write a workout plan, you can see my post here.


  1. I love this! I’m a rower and we train at 6am sometimes, so I will definitely be using these tips to help me out!

  2. i’ve always been a morning exerciser as i feel like it really gets me motivated for the day. i personally find the phone, light, clothes and food tips work best for me. one more thing that also gets me motivated is that its less likely to be busy, so i can do whatever i want without having to wait!

    xo Sarah

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