• February 11, 2016

Three 15 Minute Workouts For Busy Girls


I know what it’s like to be super crazy busy and fear not having time to get a workout in. Yes, i do have a specific workout routine, but some days life gets in the way and i don’t have the time. For days where going to the gym can’t happen, i like to workout at home. The only equipment i typically use is some dumbbells, which you can purchase for a very little amount. Below are three 15 minute workouts i like to do. Obviously some of us may do them quicker, some slower. Just listen to your body and do what feels comfortable.


ARMS (repeat circuit 3 – 4 times)

Tricep Dips X 15

Press ups X 10 (on your knees if you need to)

bicep curls X 10

Dumbbell Shoulder press X 10

ABS (repeat circuit 3 times)

sit ups X 15

Leg raises X 20

reverse crunch X 20

Romanian twist X 30

Plank 1 MIN

LEGS (Repeat the whole circuit 3-4 times)

Squats X 15

Donkey Kicks X 15 (per leg)

Jump squats X 15

Lunges X 10 (per Leg)

Sumo Squat X 15

I’d love to know if you try any of these 15 minute workouts. And if you’re not too sure on how to do some of the exercises, just click on them to be taken to a diagram on how to do each one! Or you can always drop me a tweet if you fancy xox

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