• October 5, 2015

Gym Arm Workout

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arm workout


I’m going to try and gradually fill the workout section on my blog with all the routines i do both at home and the gym! I obviously don’t want to bombard you with 1000’s at once. 😉 So i’ll try and post 1 a week!

Today is my gym arm workout. Make sure you use a dumbbell weight that gets hard after 7-8 reps. I use 7 or 8kg, however i use 4kg for lateral raises and 10 or 12kg for tricep presses & dumbbell rows *all depending on how strong i feel that day ;)*. I perform each exercise for 1 set. Take a 30 second break, and do the next set. Complete the routine once through and i guarantee you’ll be feeling it the next day!

If you are new to weightlifting, firstly use a weight you are genuinely comfortable with, and as the weeks go on and you get stronger start increasing the weight. I first started off with 4kg for most arm exercises but now i’m up to 7 or 8kg. It takes time, so be patient and i promise you will see the results.

Let me know if you try this workout, and if there is anything you want to see on the workout section be sure to comment below or tweet me! You can also check out my super quick leg workout here xox

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