• September 29, 2015

How To Stay Fit In Winter


I’m sure I’m not the only one, when in the lead up to summer has incredible amounts of motivation to get the ‘bikini body’ on fleek. But the second the leaves start falling, the days get colder and most mornings are drizzly and miserable we’d much rather snuggle in bed with a cup of tea, than de-ice the car to go to the boot camp class you don’t even like anyway.

You also find cheat meals become a regular occurrence, because toad in the hole is what you need to survive a British winter, duh. Oh, and working out?…. what does that mean again? …

Winter 2014 for me, was the first winter I entailed as a fitness lover, and my weightloss journey had just begun. I’ll admit it was a real struggle, and the 6am workouts before work were the bane of my life. But, the pain was worth it as my fitness journey continued and progressed, and I didn’t find myself back at square one come spring. I discovered a few tips, which helped me maintain working out at least 3 times a week, enjoy some winter treats and most importantly, stay motivated!!

 1. Set A Goal – We all have the ‘summer body’ goal, so why not set yourself one in winter too? The cold months are no reason to get set back, and ya know what they say – ‘summer bodies are made in winter’. Whether it’s to lose, say 7 pounds, be able to run that 10km race come March or lose ‘x’ amount of body fat, it’s so important to give yourself something to focus on! So once you’ve read this post, set your goal and comment it below or tweet me!

2. Stay Warm – This may seem completely obvious. But honestly, just because you know you’ll be sweating in half an hour, you need to make sure you’re warm the second you get of bed, to the second you start that workout. So don’t be de-icing your car in your Nike vest top! I would have my workout clothes out and ready the night before (big fluffy hoody included – usually stolen from the boyfriend) to ensure I could jump out of bed and get straight into my clothes. Once dressed, I always had breakfast (as I didn’t have time after the gym) which was usually porridge, or a protein shake and a banana and I would fill my favourite flask with tea or coffee and head out the door. Being warm makes the whole process much more ‘do-able’.

3. Gym classes rather than your own workouts – Don’t get me wrong, I love creating my own workouts, but sometimes, at 6am, when you’re tired and miserable, going into a lively workout class is exactly what you need to stop you falling asleep on the stretch mats. (yep, I’ve done that…) I go to Pure Gym, pay £15.99 a month membership and have all the classes included for free. There are loads to choose from, and I’ve not done one yet where I haven’t felt knackered! (in a good way). Everyone in morning classes understands the struggle, and you all motivate each other to work hard. They are usually 30-45 minutes of intense exercise, so if that’s all you have time for, you have still had an effective workout! I typically stick to classes if I am working out before work, and my own workouts evenings and weekends.

4. Someone to encourage you – whether it’s just your mum shouting you to get out of bed in the morning, a ‘gym buddy’ you workout with or a boyfriend that insists healthy meals over pizza. If people around you are supportive, you’ll find it so much easier. I made sure I told all my friends and family my goals and how I would achieve them. This made meal times easier as my mum knew what I actually wanted to eat, and they wouldn’t tell me to just ‘sack off’ the gym and head back to bed when I was half asleep stumbling out the door in the morning. So don’t be afraid to tell people what you want to achieve, I promise it only makes reaching your goals that bit easier!

5.  At Home Workouts – When I first started my fitness journey, I couldn’t afford a gym membership, let alone transport to get to one. So I started with running and ‘at home workouts’. Initially, I had no equipment, but I now have 2 sets of dumbbells and a barbell. I think people worry that they won’t have an effective workout at home, especially due to distractions. But if you have a plan set, there is nothing to stop you! I create my own workouts (you can see some here) or use guides such as Kayla Itsines BBG. Although ideal any time of year, winter is the perfect time to get into at home workouts. You don’t even have to step a foot out of the door. So on days when the weather is so bad you really don’t want to face going outside, I recommend a home workout! No excuses.

I hope these tips have given you some inspiration on How To Stay Fit In Winter. If you have any tips too I’d love to hear them! And don’t forget to comment your Winter Fitness goal below or tweet me! xox

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