• August 20, 2015

No Equipment 10 Minute Leg Workout

 Exercises image credit: Workout Lab

45 seconds Squats
45 seconds lunges
45 seconds jump squats
45 seconds wall sit
45 seconds sumo squat
Repeat X2

Above is my favourite 10 minute leg workout for the days where going to the gym just ain’t gonna happen. Sometimes life gets in the way and exercise just isn’t the priority. But, with short interval workouts like this you’re still doing yourself good, and i promise you’ll feel it the next day! *ouchies* No equipment is required either, so you can do it in the kitchen, at yours nans house or even on a lunch break at work if you’re that keen! No excuses. 😉

For anyone unsure on how to do each exercise, the gallery has drawings of each exercise in order! You may add weights for more intensity if you wish! Enjoy … xox

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