Ways To Actually Find Time To Workout


Whether you’re a student, work full time, are a mummy or maybe even all of those, finding time to workout can be tricky. I know they say that a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day, but for some of us that’s the only hour we have to relax, cook dinner or get a little extra needed sleep. The thing is, not working out makes you feel miserable, un toned and totally lacking in ‘me’ time.

Wake Up Earlier

Don’t hate me for saying it, but getting up earlier is the most obvious, and easy way to fit your workout in. Becoming a morning exerciser really is one of the best feelings (believe it or not) and will boost your energy, productivity and of course your fitness.

Turn Off Social Media

I reckon if we all added up how much time we spend scrolling through Instagram and watching food videos on Facebook per day we’d be shocked. Put that bloomin’ phone down and do a workout! Even if it’s just 15 minutes! These short workouts are a perfect way to get-fit-quick.

Create A Schedule

Hopefully you ladies read my post on how to write your own workout plans, because it pretty much explains this whole point. Setting yourself plans & goals (in any aspect of your life) is a pretty much certain way you’ll ensure you achieve them. The plan should consider every part of your life, and will help you figure out when and where you have time for a workout.

Pay For It

If i pay for something, there is nooooo way i’m not going to make the most of it! Join a gym, pay for classes, watch that money leave your bank account and suddenly see yourself finding the time for that workout.

Home Workouts

Another obvious point. But not one i think some ladies take into account. Just because you’re not at the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t get an intense workout in. Something like this no equipment ab workout is a perfect one to try at home. So if you’re late home from work, looking after the kids or are just rushed for time, try home workouts!

Meal Prep

Can’t work out because you’ve got to cook dinner? Prepare your meals to save time. Not only will it provide you with no excuse not to exercise, but you’ll also eat healthier and avoid grabbing fast food.

Find A Workout You love

You love watching Netflix & eating pizza, right? Yep, exactly. And that’s why you make the time for it. Adapt that attitude to a workout you love and you’ll also find the time. Boxing, Yoga, Running, Zumba, Weight lifting… find something you really enjoy

I hope these points have helped you! Let me know if you have any of your own tips and tricks. xxx

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